hp4200 Tablet PC review

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Tc4200family4Christopher James of tc-one-thousand has been playing with the new hp4200 convertible Tablet PC and has published an extensive review with tons of photos.  The hp4200 is hp’s first convertible Tablet and has been anxiously awaited since its announcement a few weeks ago.  Christopher has really done a great job with all the photos and the review takes a while to load as a result.  It’s really worth the wait though so be sure and give it time to load.  Another nice touch of the review is the video that Christopher has taken of the newest hp Tablet.  Well done, Christopher!

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Thanks for the plug James :-) As I am getting a HUGE number of hits and there are LOTS of relatively high-res photos I have split the review up-to span multiple pages to try and make the review more accessible to anyone wanting to know more about the TC4200.

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