Mobile mini, Take Two


About a week after the Mac mini started trickling out into the channel, a guy down in Florida put one in his Lexus. The installation was clean enough, but it wasn’t the least bit elegant — everything was stuffed in the glove box.

Tuner Tricks, a professional mobile electronics shop in Atlanta, has dramatically raised the bar with their Mac mini in a Volkswagen GTi installation. This is a real piece of work, with everything that isn’t hidden set off by custom-fit brushed aluminium accents.

In addition to the base-model mini, it features a 7″ touchscreen, external trackpad, Griffin PowerMate, two USB hubs (weren’t seven ports enough?), a FireWire hub, an iPod dock, and a Griffin RadioShark for AM/FM tuning.

Matt is going to be doing a step-by-step walk-through of all the modifications required for this job over the next few days, so stay tuned for details on how to do your own.

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