End of the ATA

Analog Telephone Adapter aka ATA, the little box which plug into the broadband modem on one side and a plain old phone on the other is going to do a vanishing act, especially now that the market is soon going to be flooded with IP handsets, especially the WiFi handsets, start hitting the market, we will see ATA vanish into the blue. Packet 8 service will come pre-configured on Uniden handsets and whole-house VoIP phone system in May. Vonage is working with V-Tech and will soon offer, “VTech’s ip8100 5.8Ghz cordless VoIP phone, which, like the Uniden device, integrates the terminal adapter into the base station.”

BroadVoice CEO David Epstein calls the new phones “a kinder, gentler ATA,” which will increase the momentum of VoIP acceptance. “It’s not obvious to consumers how to distribute VoIP,” said Epstein. “Multi-handset cordless systems are a familiar solution. It’s another sign that VoIP is getting easier.”

Other service providers are going to be working with other vendors to bring same non-ATA plug-and-play VoIP to your digital home. I for once, am happy with my Zyxel.