VoN Panel, ReMixed

Fine folks at IPinferno, have remixed the panel I did yesterday at VoN and I am using some of their fancy wordwork for re-reporting the main points the panelists made.

On what’s new: No one seemed to be blown away by much they’d seen at the show. Wi-Fi VoIP phones got a mention. Jeff Pulver liked an implementation of VoIP/Wi-Fi roaming he’d seen at the show.

On analog telephone adapters: General agreement that VoIP services requiring ATAs don’t meet what Andy called “the grandma test.” As Jeff said, “No one’s invented the iPod for VoIP yet.”

On VoIPs vs. telecom incumbents: Aswath Rao opined that what Vonage and most of the VoIPs in the field today are providing is PSTN voice service that happens to move across a different network in a different form.

On where VoIP is going: The general feeling is that over the next five years, VoIP products/services will become seamlessly integrated into our lives — no more ATA’s, no more clunky (that’s my adjective) softphone clients, more advanced services.

On regulation: While we in the States are fixated on our little telecom drama and every move the FCC makes, the most important decisions on how VoIP evolves worldwide are likely to come from Asia, especially India and China, simply by virtue of how big the markets are. (I made that point.. FYI)