Tablet PC Show update and a big announcement


From The Tablet Show blog:

First of all I would like to thank all the listeners from the first show for their comments and suggestions. This show is your show and I am listening to the feedback to make changes as we go that will help us provide an even better show!

Let me give you a status update as I know many of you are wondering where the next show is and why it hasn’t appeared for download yet. Last week I suffered a back injury that has resulted in my spending the better part of a week flat on my back. It’s nothing major- I’m just one of those unlucky people who have been cursed with having back problems over the years. I am getting better and am much more mobile than I have been the past week so I hope to resume recording the show in the next couple of days.

This leads me to a big announcement for the Tablet PC Show- I am happy to announce the addition of a guest co-host for the next few shows. Marc Orchant, master blogger and Tablet PC enthusiast extrordinaire, will be joining me in hosting the show! Marc is the brainchild behind several major blogs, The Tablet PCs Weblog, The Office Weblog, Marc’s Outlook on Productivity, and who knows how many other blogs. Marc is an outspoken supporter of the Tablet PC and will be a most welcome addition to the show.

Please join me in welcoming Marc to The Tablet PC Show and get your MP3 players ready as we are going to be recording the next show in the next few days. As always, your comments are most appreciated!

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