iRooster: Turn your Mac into a $2000 alarm clock

Let’s be honest here. Alarm clocks could be the worst invention ever created. I mean, honestly, who actually thought a screaming loud pulsating siren sound was a good way to start your day. If I ever met t hat guy I’d kick him in the shins and beat him over the head with my alarm clock. That would teach him.

What is a good idea, however, is being awakened from slumber by something a bit less intrusive and a bit more positive and worlds less annoying.

iRooster LogoiRooster is the answer to my prayers. iRooster is a nice alarm clock that plays music from iTunes to wake you up. And yes, it is as straightforward and easy to use as it sounds. I would go as far as to say it’s easier to setup than your current alarm clock.

The main iRooster interface is nothing more than a nice size clock with a list alarms. (There is also an over-sized view with numbers that are ridiculously huge for all of you visually impaired folks.)

iRooster Compact Display

Despite it being an incredibly simple program, it does have a nice set of very usable features.

There’s the Lullabye mode which is the geek equivalent of having your mom sing you to sleep. Just set that puppy to play some light, soothing tunes (or hardcore tunes if that makes you sleep) and be swept away into a magical night of sleep……{snore}……oh, whew…sorry, got a bit carried away just thinking about this nice feature. (Sorry, cheeeesy)

For all of you lazy people, there’s the snooze button. You can set your snooze to anywhere between 1 minute and 30 minutes. My thoughts are though that if you’re getting awaken by the soothing sounds of your choice, you should be in the perfect mood to get up and start your day without hitting snooze over and over…but that’s just me.

If you are the energy saving type and put your machine to sleep at night, have no fear. iRooster will gladly wake your computer up for you and sound the alarm.

A new feature of iRooster 2.1 is the addition of sixDollarChimp’s Chimp Tunes. Chimp Tunes is a fairly new undertaking by sixDollarChimp and it’s main function inside of iRooster is that it allows the Snooze function to display the album artwork for the music being played. Chimp Tunes will also display on the sixDollarChimp website, recently played tracks most played tracks/albums. This is a cool way to discover new music and see what other iRooster users are listening to when their alarm clock goes off. A statement from the iRooster creator suggests much bigger things are coming from Chimp Tunes in the future.

iRooster is one of those apps that makes you say “Ahh…now THIS is why I own a Mac.” It’s just so practical. I look forward to what this program could evolve into over time.

Pros: All around great app and COMPLETELY useful on all levels.
Cons: None really though I had a little hiccup with the snooze function with it’s relation to iTunes. Looks to have been more of an iTunes issue than an iRooster problem. As a side note to this, in the near future there are plans to remove iRooster’s reliance on iTunes and move towards the use of Quicktime.

iRooster is available at for the insanely low price of $9.95. You can download it now and try it for 14 days without paying a dime.