Apple to Join Blu-ray Association

During an announcement at CeBIT, Apple has committed to joining the the Blu-ray Association and will occupy a seat on their board. Obviously Apple’s joining will have a pretty big impact on the success of Blu-ray with Apple now using their technology.

Dell and HP are two other companies who are members on the Blu-ray board with Apple being the 16th company to join.

Why is Blu-ray technology a big deal? Well according to Digital-Lifestyles:

The quick and simple answer is HD TV. Because of the resolution of an HD picture, considerable amounts of storage are required. By 2008 12% of European homes will have HD-capable TV, and more importantly, at the same time, 3m homes to have HDTV service. Clearly HD is already big in Japan and in growing the US.

Blu-ray discs can carry 25GB per layer. That’s massive. And there’s rumor going around that Sony has an eight layer, 200GB disc in the works.

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