Raise that laptop off your desk

Laptop_legsNotebook computers generate a lot of heat and if you’ve ever worked with one on your lap for any length of time at all you know how hot they can get.  Most people work with them on a desk or flat surface because of that and touch typists can tell you this is rarely a very ergonomic way to type on a notebook.  The folks at Laptopdesk have recently announced a simple but effective way to raise your notebook up slightly and produce a more comfortable environment for working with the laptop.  The Laptop Legs are simple attachments that can be applied to the bottom of any notebook computer that allows you to raise the back of the notebook up an inch or more.  There are laptop stands you can get that do the same thing but the beauty of the Laptop Legs solution is that you can close the legs when you don’t need to use them.  This makes for easy transport and also means you always have them with you when you need them.

I have used their Laptop Desk for a long time and swear by it so I am pretty sure the Laptop Legs will show the same quality and workmanship the company is known for.   There are two versions of the legs available, one for Mac laptops and one for the rest.  The difference seems to be the color, black or gray.   Both versions are $19.95 and available from the Laptopdesk web site.


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