PhatWare announces Pen Commander for the Tablet PC


Pen_commanderPhatWare has announced a utility to make it easier to control your Tablet PC using just the pen and ink.  Pen Commander lets you assign scripts and macros that are called up simply by inking the command name in the ink pad.  PhatWare has even included a full script editor making it simple to create even very complicated scripts for execution.  The program is skinnable so the user can make it fit their particular desktop, in fact there’s even a skin that looks just like the TIP if you want that special coordinated look.  Pen Commander retails for $24.95 and there is a trial version available.

PenCommander Features

  • Execute scripts by simply writing a PenCommand name on the virtual input pad
  • PenCommander script reference
  • Seamlessly integrated with Tablet PC environment
  • Includes 50+ pre-defined PenCommands
  • Includes 10 pre-defend skins and skin selector dialog
  • Allows to create user-defined skins
  • Allows to view, edit and create PenCommander scripts via PenCommander Script viewer dialog box
  • Includes Visual PenCommander IDE for advanced script development and testing (see IDE features below)

Visual PenCommander IDE Features

Provides rich and easy to use user interface for creating, editing and testing PenCommander scripts

  • Introduces New PenCommand Wizard
  • Allows to open several PenCommander scripts simultaneously
  • Allows color and font formatting customization of the script editor
  • Supports bookmarks in the script editor
  • Supports .NET-like menus and toolbars
  • Includes Online help and PenCommander scripting  language reference
  • Allows to test PenCommands within its integrated environment
  • Provides advanced editing options (find, replace, bookmarks, keyword lookup, context-sensitive online help, etc.)
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Includes PenCommander SDK

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