MSNBC reviews the OQO


Oqo_2Gary Krakow of MSNBC loves his OQO, that much is apparent from his glowing review of the ultra-portable computer.  He has very little negative to say about his OQO and finds it meets his needs very well.  If you are curious about this tiny computer then check out the review.


Boo Coke

Please, please, please cut your morning drivel and bring Imus back. If there had been ANY other news, he wouldn’t have been heard from. I agree with Shirley Durant About aL & jesse. What bigoted opportunists they are. My family and I have bought GM’s for thirty plus years, but no more! Any corporation that would pull sponsorship (read Nextel, P-G, GM, etc.) over this senseless comment will not enjoy our business in the future. I hope the 12% they broke over for takes up the slack the 20% irate Imus fans make up. Yhanks BOO

Shirley Durrant

I am so disgusted at the way you people cave each time Al and Jessee make a big fuss. They are two of the biggest racists in the country. Have they ever apologized for the Tawana Brawley debacle? Have they apologized to the Duke boys? Have they ever apologized for ANYTHING! A black professor from Vanderbilt called them the “self appointed and the self annointed”. How true. I wish you knew how sick your audiance is of having to put up with your lack of intestinal fortitude!


Good move dropping Imus. If he is sincere in his apoligy we should forgive him and move on. This kind of talk with all people should stop. A lot of the blame should be givin to our politician. I am ashamed at the way people talk about our president.The majority voted for him, live with it even if you disagree with his policy. networks should stop trash talking music too.
Also stop the sensationalism of incidents that really do not have any value.

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