Making the TIP semi-transparent


I have often wished the Tablet PC text input panel (TIP) could be made semi-transparent so I could still see what’s in the windows underneath.  While this is simply for convenience sake it is a very handy thing if you ink a lot.  I did a lot of research and found a program that (among other things) lets you make any window transparent, even the TIP. 

Actual Window Manager is a complete windows utility that lets you assign various properties to any window you wish.  You can assign default properties for minimizing and maximizing the windows, screen placement and of course, transparency levels.  Each window can have unique settings and AWM puts some extra icons up on each window near the close window X that provides additional functionality.  Using these icons you can pin a window on the screen, roll the window up so only the title bar remains, minimize to the system tray instead of the taskbar, and quickly make the window semi-transparent with a click of the pen or mouse.  The window configuration utility gives access to many settings that can be tailored to your liking for any window.  This is a very useful utility and reasonably priced at $39.99 for the full suite of window utilities.  Very useful for Tablet PC owners and worth a look.




One thing I just experienced with TIPex- it does not like it when you change video resolution while TIPex is running. It made my active windows impossible to expand when I docked my Sony and the resolution increased. I had to reboot to clear that up. Otherwise a great free utility!


PA, YES! Why don’t you put the FAQ link in a thread on the forum for all to access? This would be a great effort for the U community and that way users could post their tips and you’ll get your FAQ to grow really fast.


These are great tips, keep them coming!

There are several of us at work that have Sony U’s and started putting together a HUGE Sony U FAQ.

Let me know if you want a link.

We’re trying to continually add tips like this to it so we have completely pimped out U’s. ;)


Colin, tipex is very cool indeed. I am going to stick with AWM however for all the other functions. Thanks for the TIP(ex). :)


You can also use Glass2K, a freeware application, that does the same thing.


Me again ;)

You can only SET the transparency while docked but it DOES remember it when floating. Sorry about all the comments.

Colin Walker

Just one point – I only just re-installed it and it Ong seems to work for the docked tip NOT when it is floating.

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