Licensing Brands For Mobiles


Mobile developers are scrambling to license the rights to popular brands for the mobile space – at least, the big ones are. “It’s become a highly competitive market and the entry barriers have set in because there are very few branded and well known properties whose digital rights are for sale. As a result, IPR holders demand sky-high prices for digital rights…None of the developers reveals how much this runs to, but the sum involved is anywhere between $20 million and $50 million.” That’s a lot of money, even for well-known brands. Other developers believe the key is in creating original content, which can be “branded in due course of time”.

The article also questions whether the move to diversify offerings away from games is a good one – some people feel it’s best to have a wide variety of products, others feel that “games currently account for 70-80 per cent of any telecom operator’s downloads. Why venture beyond that?” The same could have been said of ringtones a few years ago…

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