Get ready for SqueezeBox 2

If you love Squeeze Box, then you are going to love the next version of the device, very imaginatively titled Squeezebox 2. Slim Devices is going to introduce the device tomorrow for $299 and will start shipping it by end of this month. The new device has better wifi connectivity amongst other features and has more range.

Bridging–Squeezebox2 doubles as a wireless bridge, extending Internet connectivity to any room in the home. Products such as Playstation, XBOX, Tivo, VOIP phones, and home theatre PCs can now be easily connected to a home network without running ethernet cabling.

But more than the hardware upgrade, it will be upgrades to the server software that are the most impressive. I think, the idea that the collection will use Music Magic and Moodlogic as music recommendation engines and scroll through the music library to create playlist. You can automatically import existing playlists from
iTunes. I think they have added features which like Sonus Music System let you listen to music in up to 50 rooms – either the same files or different playlists. This whole wireless mesh thing is finally beginning to take off inside the home.


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