FictionWise introduces ebook reader device

Big_ewreaderFictionwise is a good source of ebooks that are available in several different device formats and they have just informed me of a surprising offering they are making to customers.  They have released a dedicated electronic ebook reader that is available for purchase on the Fictionwise web site.  The eBookwise-1150 is a 5" by 7" device that retails for $129.95 and for a limited time the purchase will get you a $30 store credit to fill it up with ebooks.  This is a very reasonable price and is good news for those interested in dedicated ebook readers.  Kevin Tofel and I discuss ebook readers on the techADDICTION Show that is due to be released soon and it’s too bad the eBookwise wasn’t announced at that time.  Full specs after the jump.

About the size of a paperback book, weighing about a pound, and with its backlit screen, the eBookwise-1150 gives new meaning to the term "light reading." The device also includes powerful electronic features that offer you a reading experience beyond that of a traditional book. You can turn pages and change the text orientation just by pushing a button. By simply touching the screen, you can enlarge the text size, bookmark pages, highlight passages, make notes, search for key words and hyperlink to other parts of the book.

eBookwise-1150 eBook Reading Device Specifications

  • Weight: 18 ounces
  • Size: 5" x 7.5" x 1.5", about as much viewable screen area as a paperback book.
  • Memory: 4MB RAM; 8MB internal Flash for program and content storage; expanded content storage on SmartMedia Memory Cards, up to 128MB. Enough internal memory to hold approximately 15 to 20 eBooks at a time, depending on length. With optional SmartMedia Memory Cards, hundreds of eBooks can be stored on the device.
  • CPU: Cirrus Logic ARM-7
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Screen: Back-lit 5.5" diagonal 4-bit grayscale LCD touch screen; half-VGA resolution
    Communications: Internal v.34 33.6Kbps modem and USB
  • Accessories: Stylus, power adapter, protective case, USB cable and phone cord

eBookwise-1150 eBook Reading Device Features

  • Large memory: Carry dozens of training manuals, books and personal documents in one compact unit.
  • Long battery life: Read for up to 15 hours without recharging; can be read while charging. (15 hour battery life assumes minimal backlight usage. With backlight fully enabled reading time is approximately cut in half.)
  • Built-in modem and USB ports: Use a phone line or USB to instantly receive desired content. No linkage with a PC is required for phone connection. USB drivers are available for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP and Mac OS X. (click here for more information on USB drivers.)
  • Personal Online Bookshelf: Copies of all your eBook editions are maintained on the device’s server-based Online Bookshelf. Download them quickly and easily to your eBook device whenever desired; many thousands of pages can be locally stored on the eBook’s eBookshelf.
  • Grayscale display: See your electronic books, training documents and personal content complete with images.
  • Backlit screen: Adjustable brightness and contrast controls allow reading anywhere, even in the dark.
  • Variable text size: Increase the text size for easy reading.
  • Shortcut: A frequently used feature (e.g. auto-update, zoom font, search, sleep, settings) may be dynamically associated with the "shortcut" button on the eBook device to provide one-touch access to a user-selected feature.
  • Bookmark, highlight and make notes: Use the touch screen to mark pages and passages and take notes.
  • Search: Tap on a word in the text to find other occurrences of that word or enter text to search using the dropdown onscreen keyboard.
  • Auto-connect: At daily scheduled times, the eBook device can automatically connect to the server to retrieve new and updated content.

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