Broadband Life according to TI CEO


rich templetonLast evening I attended a dinner hosted by Texas Instruments’ CEO Rich Templeton, where he very candidly talked about many issues including WiMAX, and 3G wireless.

Often Silicon Valley insiders wonder how Texas Instruments continue to do well in every new digital market that comes along? Answer is simple – the company from top man down believes that it’s the applications, not the guts of a technology that drives the end-user demand. Sticking to that philosophy has helped Texas Instruments become a major force in four high growth markets – broadband, digital home, voice-over-the-packet, and cellular phones.

Templeton predicts that it’s a matter of time DLP based projectors fall below $500 a pop, and will be small enough to slip in a bag and be used with game machines, personal digital assistants and other such gizmos. “I know one thing – if your customers continue to innovate around your platform, the markets will eventually happen,” says Templeton.

I have posted some excerpts over on the Business 2.0 Blog. And will have more stuff later, since I am at VoN right now.

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