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Googgy Software is a relative newcomer to the world of Tablet PC software development but they have wasted no time in producing some wonderful programs for the Tablet PC.  Googgy is comprised of the following team members: Renee Ballmer, Liam King, Sarah Bergren and Iggy Kin.  Iggy is the brain behind Bootstrapped, a Tablet PC blog I refer to often, and his contribution is easy to spot in the Googgy offerings.  All of the following programs have trial versions available making it easy to see if they will fit your work methods.  It’s great to see some quality Tablet PC programs coming out of Googgy.

Tablet- GTD brings the Getting Things Done methodology to the Tablet PC.

Tablet PC Launcher is a program launcher on steroids that is run completely with the pen making it an extremely useful program for Tablet owners.  I am going to do a complete review of this utility in the near future.

Googgy TwoNote is a note taking program that is completely free and even opens Windows Journal notes.

Googgy Noteet is full note editing and screen clipping program that also lets you write notes directly on the desktop that can be incorporated in full notes at any time.

Noteet1 Noteet2

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Hm…can you really open Journal docs with TwoNote? I just downloaded the program and really like a lot of the features (and the speed), but am a little dissapointed that it doesn’t open any of my Journal files (old OR new) – at least, not yet. Let’s hope they’ll update this free (and very promising) app soon and address this…

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