GoBinderPlugins launched


From MVP Rob Bushway:

I just launched a new website dedicated to hosting plugins for the yet released GoBinder 2006:

GoBinderPlugins.com . Think of it as a download.com for GoBinder plugins.

This site will be a one-stop shop for plugins that developers have written to extend GoBinder using their new SDK: custom calendars, task lists, custom apps like order taking, etc. The possiblities are numerous. Download your copy of the SDK here.

The site will officially launch with plugins when GoBinder 2006 launches. Meanwhile, if you are a developer and are interested in having your application posted on GoBinderPlugins.com , send an email to [email protected] .

GoBinder is an ink enabled notetaking and PIM application that runs on Tablet PC’s and non Tablet PC’s. Currently tailored to college students, many business professionals also use it.

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