EverNote update provides Firefox and Thunderbird support

EvernoteThe EverNote folks have informed me they have released another beta update to the EverNote program.  EverNote is a complete note taking/ organizing application and the developers just keep making it better and better.  Key improvements in this release:

  • Back & Forward Buttons: Fully implemented the Back and Forward buttons, so they now take you back and forth through previous note views (similar to Back and Forward buttons in a browser)
  • Buttons for Previous and Next: Implemented new Accelerator Scroller arrows that, like the Up and Down keys, move you to the top of the previous and next notes
  • Firefox & Thunderbird Web Clipper Extension: For those of you who use Mozilla’s FireFox browser or Thunderbird Mail client – you can now download an EverNote Web Clipper Extension.
  • Ink Search Highlighting: EverNote now highlights ink keywords found during SmartSearch and Keyword Category search.
  • Paste Special: Implemented the right-click Paste Special command, providing the ability to paste unformatted text into notes.
  • Smart Confirmation Dialog: EverNote now presents you with a confirmation dialog box before completing a Delete Notes action, including a "Do not ask me this question again" checkbox.
  • Short Notes and Shorten or Expand buttons: Improved the interaction between the two buttons and added a new tooltip to the note-specific Shorten or Expand button.
  • Clearing All Categories: You can now clear all category selections by clicking anywhere in the blue background of the Category Panel. This eliminates all filtering, thus switching tape to the All Notes state.
  • Tool tips: New tool tips have been provided for all hyperlinks and all password protected text.
  • Tools Options: Added new Tools>Options "Run EverNote when logging onto Windows" and "Show category intersections panel." Both options are unchecked by default.

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