Tablet PC Launcher


TpclauncherLife on the Wicked Stage points us to a program launcher for Tablet PCs that offers full task and program controls using just the pen.  Tablet PC Launcher runs on the desktop and lets you start programs, search the web and open documents all using just the pen.  $20.

Key Benefits

  • Run programs fast using a pen.
  • Open Files fast using a pen.
  • Search the web, Look up words in dictionaries
  • Switch, view, stop and start tasks
  • Use a pen to do everything on your tablet pc



iggy, don’t miss the techADDICTION podcast that Kevin Tofel and I do that deals with all facets of mobile technology and not just Tablets. You can find it on the left sidebar at the top. Thanks for the compliments. :)

iggy kin

Browser posting crashed my comments, I had everyone i know listen to the podcast, It was really good, Awesome content, fantastic delivery, You have to do that more often even for non-tablet pc stuff.

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