State of the site and recovery update

A week from hell is finally coming to an end. With a lot of help from some fantastic people, I have been able to revive the site though the entire archives from January and February are missing in action. Bear with me, for that whole thing takes a long time. Anyway since we had this outage, I wanted to make some much delayed changes to the site. One new feature I have introduced is the Asides – which is an old fashioned link blog. There is so much wonderful writing out there these days, and since I cannot add value to the post, I thought it would be a good idea to simply blog the m. There is a small little hack – if you are reading this in an RSS reader – the post title links directly to the post itself. Basicallytrying to make it a little easier for all to get to those links. I wanted to leave the main posts column for posts where I have something to say, or add. Hopefully, you like this little change.


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