Slipstreaming SP2 in Windows XP

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Paul Thurrott has a complete set of instructions on his SuperSite for Windows for creating a set of Windows XP installation CDs that includes Service Pack 2.  Creating a set of slipstreamed CDs allows you to reinstall Windows XP that includes all the updates with SP2 and saves you a lot of time.  The instructions can even be used to create a set of installation CDs that includes the Tablet extensions for Tablet owners.

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Marc Orchant


Funny thing – I just rebuilt my Tablet on Friday and you know what took the longest? Getting and applying all of the post SP2 updates. Even an SP2 slipstreamed disc didn’t help with that. And Microsoft makes it more than a little cumbersome to find a download all of the recent patches – it’s certainly more difficult than most people will be willing to put up with.

What I’d love to see is some manufacturer (Toshiba – you listening?) make an ISO image of a current slipstreamed recovery disk available for registered users (or they could even sell a physical disk – that would be fine). With Microsoft’s activation scheme in place, there shouldn’t be a big piracy issue.

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