MyJabber, Pocket PC softphone


Folks over at myJabber have released a new Pocket PC beta version of their softphone which marries the Jabber IM capabilities with the softphone. The Canadian company is going to be adding more features to their software. Actually, come to think of it, Canadian companies are pretty strong in the softphone biz. XTen, another Canadian start-ups is an 800-pound gorilla in the softphone game.


Om Malik

interesting – i was not aware of those guys. I will look into those folks as well. thanks for the heads up ronald.

Ronald Gruia

Om –

Since you’re talking about Canadian companies, let’s not forget NewHeights Software, who is headed by Owen Matthews (Sir Terry’s talented son). They just got $2 million funding from Bell Canada, and signed deals with Marconi and Ubiquity, among others. They are also a force to be reckoned with in the softphone business.

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