VoIPSphere too reactionary

Aswath Rao emailed me this morning and pointed out while other bloggers chase down the truth and fact check stuff, the VoIP bloggers are a bit reactionary. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with him. Like others who write about VoIP, I am too quick with my comments, which are well reactionary. Lets take the Costa Rican VoIP story which caught fire a few days back. The issue, Costa Rican incumbent, ICE wanted to declare VoIP a telecom service and proposed a legislation. The headline was Costa Rica MAY criminalize VoIP which was based on a Spanish language news report.

This is where the whole VoIPSphere bursts into flames and reacts. (I would have done precisely the same reactionary post!) So why bring it up? Well none of us, posed the question — perhaps the proposed legislation may not go through. Or that perhaps the legislation could be about terminating the call into PSTN. Or who good was the Techweb story after all. We did not read the original story in spanish and over reacted? I think in many ways we need to be more careful, and more circumspect about the VoIP business, because too much hype or over reaction could be detrimental. Our task should be to act as radar guns … just a thought folks. Thanks Aswath for bringing back the focus.


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