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Napster can still be hacked

A month ago, everyone was talking about how you could hack Napster and download music from its monthly subscription service and break the digital rights management using the Winamp player. Winamp, which is a division of AOL upgraded the software and basically shut down the music-theft quickly. You could not play back Napster music unless you downloaded the latest version of Winamp. So you thought the DRM breaking problem was licked. Not really – thanks to any digital recorder software that runs on Microsoft Windows Media Player, you can still hack the Napster subscription package. Most of these software packages use the sound output to record the music to the hard drive. For example, Tunebite. In addition there is software package out there which can still decode right from DRM-protected Windows Media files. I have heard that there is another software Virtuosa which can do that. Virtuosa will convert protected WMA without analog conversion. The new version of the software doesn’t do that, but the older 5.0 version will let you break the DRM. Oh Oh! Since I don’t have a windows machine, I have not tested it out. Let me know if you try it out. Update: Apparently Wiretap, a freeware program does precisely the same for Macs.

8 Responses to “Napster can still be hacked”

  1. Marlene

    Maybe if people would stop posting all over the internet how to crack the protected wma files, Napster will stop changing their code? If that’s how it works…

  2. somebody

    Virtuosa just stopped working. I suspect it is checking for license approval with napster before access, and probably sending an application ID, which is now being refused by napster (this is my theory). Total recorder works fine, the problem with driver level capturing is that is 1X capturing. With virtuosa, I was able to download and reencode to mp3 about 10 albums an hour.

  3. There is a software called Total Recorder that can plugs right into your sound card drivers and can capture songs from there. DRM cant do anything about it. Even streamed songs can be captured and saved (though the quality might not be that good).