Brightcove, Revisited

2. Misunderstanding #2: Brightcove must integrate with lots of CE devices.
Brightcove is trying to get away with not having to integrate directly with anyone. (Jobs may never buy TiVo, but he might just break taboo and buy Brightcove at some point.) Using Brightcove, consumers will be able to search for relevant video content via a browser and, once found, request that the content be downloaded/recorded on a device of their choosing. The selected device could then offer up the content through its own UI (likely by reading RSS metadata) and decode the video using existing hardware/software. While not all devices will conform to the same standards on Day 1, Brightcove should be able to adapt the content and the feed to the requirements of most devices resulting in zero device-layer integration.

3. Misunderstanding #3: Brightcove is going to primarily deliver Indie films and other niche movies.
Well, yeah, Indie films are part of the story, along with other underserved markets such as high school football games, regional events, international TV, broadcast archives, and the like. But the real story is going to be in the cacophony of random stuff that people are going to begin producing in far greater quantities. Put a billion cameras with HD-embedded camcorders into the hands of consumers worldwide and we’ll see the true nature of reality TV…

4. Misunderstanding #4: Finding Brightcove’s niche content on your TV will suck.
TV is never going to be like the Web (or at least not anywhere in the near future). The diversity of available content is going to explode, sure, but people are not going to be sitting down in front of their TV with their up, down, left, right, and select button searching the universe for something interesting. It’s just too hard. Anyway, the point is that Brightcove’s model will work the same way as the iPod/iTunes model. Find stuff you want on your PC, download/record it on the device of your choosing (TV, laptop, cell phone, PSP, etc.), and select your shows from the short list on your device when you’re ready to vegetate.

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