400 Million Broadbanders by 2009


IMS Research data shows that there are 150 million broadband subscribers world wide, up by 51 million since the beginning of 2004. This tremendous rate of growth shows no signs of slowing, and IMS Research is forecasting that the number of broadband subscribers will surpass 400 million during 2009. DSL continues to put distance between itself and cable as the most popular broadband technology, with total DSL subscribers passing the 100 million mark in early 2005. Melissa Yocom, broadband analyst with IMS Research expects strong growth for VDSL, especially when used in conjunction with extended fibre deployments for TV over IP applications.

“These higher speed DSL options are going to be critical if the telcos are serious about offering a true triple play of voice, data and video that can offer sufficient simultaneous video streams to go head-to-head with the cable operators.”

That indeed should be good news for chip makers like Ikanos which is pusing hard in the VDSL chipset market.

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