21 in 1 card reader from Brando

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21in1cardreader2If you are looking for a media card reader that can not only handle 21 different media card formats but also store those cards for you then Brando has a small gadget for you.  The 21 in 1 Card Reader looks a bit like a GameBoy but is an all in one reader that connects to the PC with a USB 2.0 connection.  $22.

(via Paul’s Blog of Tech and Nonsense)

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Michael Randall

Looks like they count Memory Sticks as seven types of card, rather than just one annoying abomination from one of the more dislikeable companies out there.

Sorry. I’m just bitter over the Beatallica thing.

7DayShop had one I saw a couple of days ago that sounded impressive until I spotted that they counted Fuji XD cards and Olympus XD cards as two different formats.

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