Rob Bushway and OrangeGuava

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OrangeguavaRob is using OrangeGuava, a great program for the Tablet PC that I mentioned on The Tablet PC Show, and he’s discussing it on his blog:

OrangeGuava lets you ink all over your desktop, create new desktops, activate applications from your ink, etc. For example, I can ink Rob Bushway, right click the ink and choose Export: Search and a Google search will kick off. I can ink a note on the desktop, right click the ink, and choose Export Plain Text to create an Outlook Note. Ink some more, copy all the ink, and paste it in to Journal. There is a lot more to it than that, but that is a quick wrap-up.

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Marc Orchant

JK: Tom Clarkson, the developer, just announced a new version and suggested that integration with ActiveWords is only a few days away. has also opened an OrangeGuave support forum.

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