Internet Video Deconstructed


The buzz around video-over-the-Internet is reaching cacophony levels. Yesterday’s post about Jeremy Allaire’s new start-up, Bright Cove, got a lot of attention, and diverging reactions. I think many people are as interested in this technology, despite the questionable business models. I have teamed up with Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners/Silver Lake Partners fame to start an Internet video meme, in a bid to understand the concept better, and perhaps strip away all the hype around this emerging technology. In his first post, he writes, “Most notions of video over the internet seem to be hamstrung by a slavish adherence to the broadcast/cable model of television. Consider, for example, the case of IP TV, which is a technology for streaming video content.” More to follow later.



Om, you should check out why the NVCA has supported the defendants in the MGM v. Grokster case before the Supreme Court Copyfight

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