Fujitsu Stylistic ST5022- thin and light


FujiFujitsu has announced the latest entry in the Stylistic line of Tablet PCs, the ST5022.  The new Tablet has a 12" screen running in XGA resolution and weighs 3.4 pounds.  The array microphones on the ST5022 cancel out background noise and the battery is rated at an amazing 9 hours.  The Fujitsu line of Tablets are solid performers and this newest addition looks mighty nice.

( via infoSync world)



Hi folks: for those 8-inch lovers, the options are two: the Flybook (convertible) and the Advueu/Vison/ECS (slate). They are both great, except for the Transmeta Crusoe processor. Now when will these guys come up with the same design with a Centrino processor (I could also take AMD).


Paul, I couldn’t agree more. I would love an 8″ screen which would be perfect for me.

Paul Phillips

I saw “thin and light” and thought great!, then I saw 12 inches. When are we going to see a manufacturer see sense and deliver a real portable tablet? 12 inches hasn’t worked – the market’s dead for tablets. About time someone tried something else I think. I think an 8-9 inch screen would sell better.

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