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Virgin Radio tunes in to 3G

It’s not quite at critical mass but music-to-mobile is picking up steam. Virgin Radio has a new deal with provider Sydus to offer Virgin Radio and its sister stations, Virgin Radio Classic Rock and Virgin Radio Groove on 3G-enabled mobile phones. The process is simple enough — download free software, install it on one of 30 or so compatible handsets and listen away. But the costs will vary dramatically depending on the 3G download options. Virgin Radio is working with operators in the UK to offer reasonably priced unlimited download packages like those in the US and other countries. … This could be a good kick-start for 3G in the UK. (from Staci at our sister publication,

Also, this fellow at the Pondering Primate blog has some ideas of how Virgin could make better use of its brand. I’ve mentioned other ideas previously, I think it’s only a matter of time before we see more action here…

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