SBC’s diffusion DSL line

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Most fashion designers do three kind of clothes – couture, which is the premium line, the diffusion line and of course the Target line. SBC has gone the same way with its DSL service and has announced a new mid-tier DSL service with a monthly price to $19.95 to customers who order online and agree to a one-year commitment with SBC local phone service. Others who sign-up for the SBC All Distance unlimited local-and-long-distance calling plan at $48.95 a month get the same deal. The speeds on this SBC Yahoo DSL Express service is up to 1.5 Mbps, while its faster DSL Pro Service delivers twice the oomph for an extra tenner. You can infer two things from this – either the market for Bell DSL is slowing, especially after such a whopper of a 2004, or that cable guys’ price cuts and speed boosts are having a detrimental effect. Nevertheless, it is still good for the consumer.

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