India to US , with VoIP love

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A fancy new trend – Indians are signing up for VoIP services offered by overseas companies, getting US/Canadian phone numbers and calling across the world on super discounted VoIP rates. Plans start at $7.95 a month with unlimited local calling and 2.1 cents/minute U.S. and Canadian long-distance calls. Unlimited long-distance service packages include unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada starting at only $19.95/month. You can do all that if you have a dollar denominated credit card. Jon Lowry, CEO of Logical Exchange says, ‘With India to the U.S. or Canada now being a local call with our service, we have experienced significant growth among small Indian exporters and outsourcing companies wanting to increase their visibility in North American markets. Some of our Indian customers have multiple INX lines to keep up with increased opportunities.’ Oh that has to rankle all the local phone operators including the incumbents who are, I am pretty sure, going crying to papa, i.e. the Indian Government to do something. Unintended consequence of globalization eh!

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Mirian Cain

VoIP adapters and WiFi phones are bringing low-cost telephony to the world. People from Canada to Cambodia are using the Internet to make cheap telephone calls. By 2006, we’ll see US$0.01/minute anywhere, anytime. — Mirian

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