First techADDICTION podcast is out!


TechaddictionalbumcoverWell, the first techADDICTION Show is in the can and Kevin Tofel and I hope all you listeners find lots of useful information you can take away with you that will help you be more productive in your mobile lifestyle. Actually, we just had a lot of fun making this first show for your listening pleasure and don’t really care if you find it useful or not.   :) We do think you will find it entertaining and not your run-of-the-mill geek show, even though it is. We’ve written up some show notes for you so you can find the wheat amongst the chaff which you’ll find after the jump.

The techAddiction Show – 2nd March 2005 (28min 19sec): MP3 – 9.8MB

0:00 Introduction to the TA Show; Of different time zones and barging in

02:00 Sucking up #1

03:00 Introduction of JK; jkOnTheRun blog

04:00 Sucking up #2

04:35 Intro JK (continued)

Lockergnome, Pocket PC Magazine
…using mobile devices since they weighed 30 lbs.
Lunch boxes

05:30 KCT’s age

06:25 KCT introduction

Of old computers, KCT’s Digital World
Commute casting, Dangerous driving, Dell DJ, Lockergnome, PPC Tools

08:30 Sucking up #3 (feel the love)

09:00 Tech heads walking the walk

Leveraging the tech with imagination

10:10 Dell DJ, Dell Axim X50V

13:24 Space station phones the TA Show

14:15 Upcoming shows

Conversations with cool people
Listeners phone the show live
KCT works at Dominos Pizza

15:05 JK’s gadgets du jour

Sony U750P, Kevin plays the straight man
Where is Peter Norton?
Making a mini Tablet PC
JK’s sweet spot is 8?
We love free stuff

20:12 Todd Adams and the U750P

KCT gets another martini
Curry’s getting high
Todd Adams ROCKS!

24:00 Readers do appreciate bloggers

Bloggers are passionate people

25:20 KCT’s Toshiba Portege M205

Ink is the way
KCT should listen to The Tablet PC Show

26:40 We’re outta here


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