Fiorina, the head of World Bank


Okay there is no justice in the world. The more you screw up, the higher up the food chain you go. The Wall Street Journal reports that Carly Fiorina is being considered for the top job at World Bank. In other words she is going to unleash her brand of mis-management on the most mis-managed body around, and then perhaps mess with the third world economies. Oh wait, many of those are already mucked up enough and Carly cannot do any worse. (Okay folks this is actually a little satire, so please don’t flame me!)


rich talcott

it’s either carly or wolfowitz….not a great choice either way…yes,…the system is set so the more you FU the more you are rewarded…..I see this all the time in corporate america….

Daniel Spisak

Great so Carly is going to become the new milleniums version of Robert McNamara? Effing brill. [soaking in sarcasm] Wake me up when the phrase “Sound as a dollar bill” rings even more hollow when the exchange rate is 300 dollars to the Yen. Okay so I exaggerate, hopefully by a lot. But I have to say if the World Bank lets Carly run them then I have suddenly stepped into Bizzaro-Land. At the minimum I would say its no World Bank of any rational world I am aware of. Perhaps there is a female version of the Peter Principle in effect here?

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