Bernie Ebbers, Dumb & Dumber

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Bernie Ebbers’ despite claims of no knowledge about minor details of the business called WorldCon had intimate knowledge of the goings-on at his company, according to his testimony. There are some juicy nuggests from today’s proceedings, that come to you via fine folks at Light Reading. Here is what he had to say about Jack Grubman.

Ebbers testified that Grubman had visited him on his yacht at the 1999 Super Bowl and he had played pool with him, but that they weren’t close personal friends, and when he visited the yacht he ‘didn’t stay the whole weekend. We had a professional relationship.

Bernie says he never took any advice from Grubman, but this is a complete lie, as per Grubman’s own congressional testimony. Later in the day, he addressed the Coffeegate scandal – free coffee was replaced by dispensers.

‘I approved replacing the free coffee with a dispenser… It was a good idea.’

Penny wise, pound foolish, some might say.

‘It’s important, Look after pennies, the dimes will take care of themselves.’

Other nuggets of dumbness and self incrimination.

‘You added a half percent,’ said Anders, referring to Ebbers’s statement that he had tacked on to the company’s growth numbers.
‘Yes,’ replied Ebbers. ‘…it doesn’t matter… what’s important is the range.’
‘So there was no motive to add a half percent?’ asked Anders.
‘No,’ said Ebbers. ”

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rich talcott

even if bernie didn’t know what was going on he still owns it…book ’em danno…

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