Switching to a Mac


No, I’m not switching to a Mac but Michael Hyatt of Working Smart recently has and is writing about the process involved in the switch.  In this article he has some interesting observations of the differences between MS Office 2003 and Office 2004 on the Mac.  The most significant difference he writes about leaves me wondering why we don’t have the Project Center in the Windows version?  The Project Center is a cool screen that displays every item pertaining to a given project and provides easy ways to interact with that information.  I need this on the Windows side to make project work much easier- are we ever going to have a tool like this?




Dave, hierarchal tasks is essential to have simple project management in Outlook and I’d love to see it. It should be configurable so if I choose I don’t see the next dependent task in a series until some short definable interval before the current one is due. This would unclutter the whole focus of the project information. This isn’t difficult and I hope MS addresses this in the future.

Dave Hyndman


Im a GTD’er and an Outlook user. To meet my needs, and I believe a lot of others’ as well, Outlook needs to add a proper Project object … as you’re saying. Next, I’d love to see being able to relate Tasks to each other, particularly to define precedents.

Paul Phillips

That looks really useful. Hopefully Office 2006 will feature it. It looks similar, in concept at least, to workspaces in Office 2003

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