Apple offering web chat for their iMac support.


Apple is testing a new web chat support service for iMac customers that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Eligible iMac owners include those who purchased their iMac less than 90 days ago, or those who have purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan for their iMac.

On the site, Apple answers the question of “Why Web Chat?” with “It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s convenient, and you’ll get proactive, comprehensive help from a real live person right here in your browser. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Apple’s iMac Support pages, give chat support a try. A support agent can even send you helpful web pages while you’re chatting.”

Browser requirements for the web chat are Safari 1.1 or later, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 or later, or Netscape 7.2 or later. Apple also supports web chats on Windows, listing Internet Explorer 5.0 or later as a supported browser.



well, I’ve gotten to the chat device or program..once before. and now im in a prediciment and i cannot find this chat option…Can someone please give me directions on how to do so again.
Thanks in advance!


Can someone tell me why I can not send email I can get it but cant send it I called my provider and they told me I had everything right.


i bought a mac game and every time i try to open it now it bounces a couple of times on the tool bar thingy and then goes away. I’ve used it a lot and it was my key to happiness many days of the week :P lol but now i cant figure out how to open it to save my life!… HELP! PLEASE!


Apple no longer provides chat support for the iMac. Since ordering mine a couple of weeks ago, they have since deleted that type of support. Instead, you have to use phone support.


AHHH!!!! MY COMPUTER IS IN TOTAL MAXAMIZATION HERE!! Honestly, it is soo bad that I can’t see what I aim wroiting. Plase help me!!!!


Just gave my wife an iMac for Christmas, I’m a long time pc user with no Apple experience. I’m having problems connecting to wireless networks. When I can connect, I’m bumped off after a few minutes. Any suggestions will be helpful.

Attention SHEEP!

EEEEWWWEEEE….. look at me, I have a MAC – ain’t I somthin


would a file on limewire with a virus attatched be abe to affect a macbook?

Laura and Michelle Harris

I’ve the same problem as Robert (#19).
I have just brought a Macbook pro & my older games won’t play because does not support classic enviomment???? Please Help. Cheers Laura


I have these awesome games that don’t wanna work cuz’ it says it can’t support classic enviornment. Does anybody have any tips or is there any software that can allow me to play these games?? ex:”The Crystal Key” (probably a year old)


i have a Mac Book Pro. when i start mac sometimes it says to reboot or when i login to my mac all the colours become fade and computer stuck and reboot. i want to know whats the problem and how can i get it solved.

Jessica Samter

Help I just bought a new macbook and itouch but I don’t know how to convert my 60Gb of music from my pc. I can’t even open anything somehow everything is in a text format–oh yeah I am very technologically stupid. Is there anything I can do to salvage all my music.


I have the same problem as Harold. Pleeeeeeeeeeese Help!!


got the old password in the computer i got it from a guy and he forgot the password and i cant get in it please help


I have a iMac G5 Power PC. I use Safari version 3.0.3 all the time & I rarely have problems with it. But recently I tried to buy something on a website, so I had to fill in an application form online. When I was at the half way stage of the application I was not able to submit any more information. I tried in a few more times & the same thing happened at the same stage. I also tried this with the Firefox & Realplayer browser’s but I got the same result.
My brother tried buying on the same site using his Dell computer with windows XP & didn’t have any problems.
I’m just wondering if anybody else has come across this problem before, & maybe someone might have a solution for this ?

Thank you


I have a early 2006 version of the Imac 800mhz. My three year old son got a hold of it and I don’t know what he broke if anything. When I boot up, all I get is a white screen. Are there any shortcut keys that my son might have hit to enable a pure white screen? I tried booting into safe mode and off of the CD, but I still get a white screen. I don’t even see the Apple logo in the beginning, but the screen is the same brightness. After a while the screen will go dark as if safe mode is enabled. When I move the mouse or keyboard controls safe mode becomes disabled and I get the white screen again. Did I lose my Graphics card?


Jamie Lahk

Just bought a beautiful flatscreen imac running OS 10.4.9, I feel unworthy. It comes with a superdrive for burning DVDs. My family and I operate a small hotel. From time to time we get DVDs and documentaries featuring our hotel from guests. I would like to make copies for promotional purposes. The DVDs we get are not copy-protected so no ripping necessary. I assume one uploads video to HD then burns DVD copies but since I have never tried I don’t know where to start (I don’t even know which software, iDVD? iMovie?). If anyone can help pls email me at


how do you un-install applications?! i’m a novice with these.

chazbo jones

Just bought a new iMac and I’m happy as hell! You people at Apple just won’t stop, will ya?! Can I hook up wireless speakers to this thing (iMac 20″) or what? If so, please recommend something. Thanks! I’d like to invite “sexyhotbud” (Jenny #9) for a nice warm bubble bath with candles and the whole ‘ShaBang’ but don’t want to put my new ‘puter too close to the tub…… You get the idea, kids…

James Hamilton

Hi all, I am a tolal mac newbee.
Just made the switch from pc 2 days ago to a lovely new Imac. Having a problem with the ‘Front row’ software. All worked fine the first day, and have since had problems since performing software updates. The problem I am havng is that any dvd I place in the machine, I am informed that it does not recognise the format. Can anyone help?


I cant work out how to back up my Appleworks files onto disc. It isnt in the help menu anywhere that I can find. Can anyone tell me? I know how to burn photos etc to disc but not your everyday files


How do I know if I have a combo drive? I am running OS 10.1.5 and just bought Tiger upgrade to 10.4, but when I insert the disc…nothing happens. …does not support the disc entered.


Just purchased a Sprint camera phone, the PM-225, and my iMac will not recognize the phone as a device from which photos can be imported directly into the Mac. Any suggestions?

edward mays

please help me as to i’ve transported my mac after a long time and i cant remember my password. i know this is below you but i b d!


I’m trying to create a website and I have a couple questions.

1st question: I can create a html.index page but all it will show is text. How do I transfer pictures so that my page shows pictures, grafics, clip art or images?

2nd questions: I have a imac & i think that it has a built in ftp program. Is thes true and if it is, where do i find the program & how do i use it to tranfer files.

The program that I have been using is One Button FTP.

Rich Trouton


It sounds like the VoiceOver support for the eyesight-impaired was turned on. To turn it off, go into System Preferences and click on “Universal Access” From there, look for VoiceOver (it should be on the “Seeing” tab) and turn it off. The voice should stop.

Kristl Waters

I just got a imac about approx 1 1/2 months ago, & don’t know what I did but now every time I click on something there’s a voice that says what I’m clicking on. For example, if I open I-tunes the voice says something like opening I-tunes, closing I-tunes. The only time I don’t hear this voice is when I click on links in Safari or Internet Explorer. Seems like I activated some kind of voice command.

Could you tell me how I get this to stop or turn off?

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