VoIPers peer with each other


Fourteen VoIP providers from Europe and SIPphone.com of US have set up an international peering network which allows them to interconnect with each other without spending any termination fees. Those in the “network” include little known names such as Callme.se (Sweden), e-fon.ch (Switzerland), Magrathea Telecommunications (Great Britain), Musimi.dk (Denmark), MS Networks (Luxembourg), and sipgate (Austria, Germany, Great Britain).
The Register
reports that “the service is brokered by e164.info which has built a central database of VoIP telephone numbers. e164.info is brainchild of a small German company, netzquadrat, which was set up by the founders of German VoIP provider sipgate/nufone.” The peering network is a way to avoid paying termination fees to the PSTN, and bypass the PSTN networks all together.

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