South Park Goes Mobile


South ParkTHQ Wireless is taking South Park to Europe, launching games, video clips, ring tones, wallpapers, screensavers and MMS. Along with South Park Sports Day (which includes Cartman in a pie-eating contest and Terrance and Philip participating in Fart Hurdles) there is a Tamagochi style Kenny game where users struggle to keep the kid alive – this is my favorite game concept for a while…

Meanwhile, Vodafone is still not happy with handset manufacturers, claiming the lack of standards across the industry is inhibiting the mobile content market. “One large content provider spent more than 20 per cent of the development cost of a mobile game on porting the software to the first handset. This cost rose to 90 per cent of the company’s resource when the firm attempted to port the game to all 125 handsets that are on the market,” said Consumer marketing chief Guy Lawrence.

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