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Skype Fails the Mom Test

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Skype fails the “mom test”, meaning that it is too difficult for my mom to figure out.  Hell, it is too difficult for a relatively technically adept person like me to figure out. I have spent at least an hour on the forums trying to find a solution to the voice issue (after about a minute, my voice stops transmitting. I can hear others, they can’t hear me). Let me tell you, there are some IRATE people on those forums. Apparently, the beta worked.  Now the latest version doesn’t. More here.

2 Responses to “Skype Fails the Mom Test”

  1. Skype has a great sound quality, but if you have a broadband connection above 512 Kbps, there’s no difference between SIP and SKYPE. SIP rules. I have bought one of that ATA SIP boxes recently and no one can tell I am using the web. Sound is superb, just like telephone. My box has QoS, so, the rate is stable and there’s no interruption in the voice. And the best? is that I can use a regular phone and I DON’T NEED THE computer, so it passes the mom test!

    Skype is a toy you can use on your computer when you are outside and even so, think about buying a WIFI mobile SIP phone and you will not even need skype.

  2. Om,

    Most technology does not pass the mom test.

    I think Michael Levine stated it best:

    “We rarely simplify things, no matter how hard we try. Gadgets are fun, and they may perform tasks we find beneficial, but they don’t actually simplify our lives: they make our lives more complex.â€?

    Kindest regards,

    Ken Leebow