Blinkx does Movielink Video


Blinkx has inked a deal with movie download service Movielink, and will create a channel is being added to
– when you search Movielink through blinkx for a film title, you will see two windows pop up – one is the trailer for the film (2/3rds of the 1K+ films offered on Movielink have trailers) – the other is the Movielink page that corresponds to that particular film.
– In the future, blinkx will transcribe the content of the trailers, so that users will be able to search for a specific line, or phrase, but that capability isn’t ready yet.
– blinkx is also thinking about transcribing whole films – but obviously they have to navigate the licensing issues there.
- blinkx and movielink still experimenting with revenue generation models on this deal.

“What we’ve been working with until now is one-dimensional content on the Web that is advertiser supported. The next level, which will really change the economics of the Web, is searching and indexing premium content that does not live on the Web,” Allen Weiner, an analyst with research firm Gartner Inc. of Stamford, Conn told the LA Times.

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