Bernie Confesses: I am Dumb and Stupid


Bernie Ebbers, the deposed autocrat who ran WorldCon like his private fiefdom says he was so dumb and stupid that he did not know anything about all the shenanigans being pulled by his underlings including Scott Sullivan. Some choice comments from his testimony.

“I know what I don’t know,’’ Mr. Ebbers said. “I don’t, to this day, know technology. I don’t know finance and accounting.’’ … “I wasn’t advised by Scott Sullivan of anything ever being wrong,” Mr. Ebbers said Monday. “He’s never told me he made an entry that wasn’t right. If he had we wouldn’t be here today.” …. “I don’t have any recollection of that conversation,” said Mr. Ebbers. “I don’t know what I would have been apologizing for.”

So why was he running the company? Why didn’t the board of directors fire him, ala Carly? Oh wait, they were getting fat and happy off the ill-doings of Ebbers, Sullivan and rest of the management. Ebbers comments show he was busy being the boss – a nosy boss, which basically negates his argument that “don’t know nothing.”

“We were a fast-growing company, and I was a demanding boss,” Ebbers said. “I expected results. I said some things I probably shouldn’t. I know I lost my temper, but I tried to be human along the way.”

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