Tablet PC Show is available on The Podcast Network


The first Tablet PC Show is out of post production and ready for download on The Podcast Network.  I’m really excited to be doing this podcast and promise you some exciting guests will be appearing on The Tablet PC Show and we’ll share a lot of good information about "thinking with ink."

Here are the program notes to give you an idea what you will hear on this first show:

I Ink Therefore I Am
The Tablet PC Show – 28th February 2005 (51min 35sec): MP3 – 16.6MB

00:00 Introduction and welcome; The Podcast Network

04:00 What’s in store for The Tablet PC Show; Bill Gates?

05:50 Speech recognition

07:30 Inking strategies

08:30 Ink stimulates the creative process; Cameron Reilly

12:50 Tablet resources on the web

Tablet PC Buzz– Spencer Goad, Rob Bushway
Tablet PC Talk– Chris de Herrera
What is New– Lora Heiny
Tablet PC Weblog– Marc Orchant
Tablet PC Questions– Layne Heiny (newsgroup)
Tablet PC Post– Lora & Layne; software info and downloads
The Student Tablet PC– Tracy Hooten & Trevor Claiborne
Tablet PC2– Linda Epstein
Incremental Blogger– Loren Heiny
Rob Bushway’s Blog
Bootstrapped– Iggy Kin
Tablet PC Place– Christopher James
Life on the Wicked Stage– Warner Crocker (apologies to Warner- he is a Theatre Director and not Stage Director)

27:25 HP’s new convertible

30:25 engadget article- Time to write off pen computing

Do convertibles confuse the market?
Where’s the Tablet marketing?
Healthcare field would KILL for a mini-Tablet

39:45 jkOTR article- using ritePen on a Tablet PC

42:40 Where’s the new snipping tool? Art Rage interview coming

44:20 New version of TEO coming up

45:00 OrangeGuava (Note: Tom Clarkson has agreed to come on a future show and discuss OG)

47:55 ActiveWords beta rumored

49:15 So long


Kevin C. Tofel

Great first show jk! As a relatively new “convertible” Tablet PC owner I’m looking forward to learning much more about my new productivity tool! Congrats!



I’m downloading and look forward to hearing it.
While I’m not equipped with the software for the general podcasting stuff, I can certainly download an mp3… thanks for providing that format.


sweet. I just ditched my newspaper and grabbed my MP3 Player. I just hope it’s worth it ;)

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