Adventures in home working


Steve Richards has Adult Onset Stills Disease (AOSD), a chronic and debilitating disease similar to arthritis that intrudes on every aspect of the afflicted’s life.  An IT professional, Steve is in the fortunate position that allows him to work from home and still function in a role that he enjoys.  His blog, Adventures in home working,  is one I follow regularly as Steve chronicles the changes he makes in his life to accommodate his disease and work more easily than he did in the past.  He also writes a lot of book reviews and articles about the thought processes, mind mapping, technology and other thought-provoking topics.

Steve has adopted a Tablet PC to better accomodate AOSD and finds it enables him to work longer and more comfortably than he can with a keyboard.  The ability to move around with the Tablet enables him to accomplish more than he can with another type of computer, even when the pain from the disease is trying to get the best of him.  He is a true inspiration and I for one am grateful he is sharing his thoughts with us on his blog.  If you want to see the human spirit at its best, visit his web site and say hello.

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