Bubble Burst Anniversary

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Folks I am planning to do a special edition to mark the bursting of the bubble, which is coming up soon. I have teamed up with Carl Haacke, the author of Frenzy (Read his interview) and we will be writing special op-eds, about 600 words on this site. The anniversary is on March 10, and we should be looking at next five years. I know there are a lot of you who have many things to say – so if you are interested in writing or will be publishing something on your site, do let me know.

PS: Can anyone design a small logo/graphic and send it across. We can use it as a common thread for all the posts on other blogs.

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Om Malik

Intersting subject and I look forward to it. Perhaps you could include a “Where are they Now” sidebar on Microstrategy (after all, it was THEIR restatement of earnings that was the first domino to fall ). Despite this ominous monniker, and the capital that evaporated in that wake…they still exist.

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