Samsung introduces video conference cell phone


Samsung_ptaSamsung Electronics introduced a "push-to-all" (PTA) mobile phone this week and says the phone is the first to allow the owner to talk with several people simultaneously, make a video call and transfer data.  The phone works on mobile Broadband networks (w-CDMA) and WiFI in addition to conventional cell phone networks.

(via engadget)



I’ve heard about Courts using video conferencing technologies especially in the rural areas and villages. Even though it’s an expensive approach but it’s a great way for developing these areas.


Is this technology available and if it is when is it going to be available in the USA. Waiting patiently…………….:(


This Samsong is fiarely close to turning out the correct product. This VC phone could make SMS and IM archiac. Imagine teen agers at the mall talking and watching in real-time. This will be comparable to the introduction of cell phones. Wow.

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