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Music on mobiles will not end music player market

iPod miniJupiterResearch has released a report saying that despite advances in playing music on mobile phones, handsets will not replace portable media players anytime soon. The problem for mobile phones is that they do too many things, which increases their size and power demands and reduces the memory available. This just won’t satisfy a lot of music fans. Apple Computers has emphasized this with its latest releases, which include an iPod mini with a memory of 6 GB and enough power to last 18 hours. At the opposite end is the iPod photo unit with 60 GB of storage – enough to hold about a month’s worth of non-stop music. The prices of these devices also compare favorably with mobiles.

On the other hand, the latest handsets have at least one advantage over most music players – the ability to play music videos. Mobix has just signed a deal with Impact Films which will include a dedicated music video channel, as well as a comedy channel and some horror films, and similar deals are likely to be announced on a regular basis. While handsets won’t be able to hold more than a few music videos, if operators make it easy and cheap enough to simply download the content when it’s wanted the handsets won’t need a lot of space.

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