Roger That, Mr. McNamee

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A weebit chest thumping for me perhaps? Roger McNamee who has invested in more “tech cycles” that I have written about has included my blog in his list of blogs he reads. I am blushing because of all the nice things he had to say. Now I have to work harder.

The New Normal: Another blog I particularly admire is Om Malik on Broadband. Like Matt, Om is a journalist, but he works in the world of monthlies i.e. Business 2.0 Magazine. Om focuses more narrowly than Matt, but on areas of great interest to me. He is an exceptionally perceptive commentator. If you care about new technology or like to invest in new technology I recommend this site to you.

By the way if you are going to be in San Francisco, you can catch Roger play live with his band at Slim’s tomorrow night. Bob Weir, Boz Scaggs, GE Smith (Saturday Night Live), T Bone Burnett (Oh Brother Where Art Thou), Country Joe McDonald, and David Nelson as special guests. Should be a hugely fun night.

1 Comment

Marc Canter

Plugging a vanity band?

Come on Om – that’s below you. Just be humble, take his complementa nd move on. You don’t have to plug husband – too!

Why don’t you write about how much they paid the Grateful Dead remainders – to teach them at “band camp?”


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