iTunes and Free Software Magazine Issue 2

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iTunes is certainly my favourite music organizer and player. This is for lots of reasons, not least of which is the integration with my iPods. Chris J. Karr has taken a more detailed look at the iTunes phonemenon, how the iTunes store works, how to use the XML database, integrate with AppleScript and a full range of associated issues.

He raises some interesting points, not least of which are some information on the Digitial Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) which is used by iTunes to stream songs over the network, how programming the iPod works and some detail on the Digital Rights Management (DRM) built into the iTunes and iTMS systems.

If you want to know more about how iTunes works, or some specifics on how to program and work with iTunes and the content it provides, the article is well worth a read. Even if you aren’t interested in these things, just reading the article will probably give you a better understanding of the iTunes system, what can be achieved and what Apple might do with the platform next.

Free Software Magazine is a new title, currently both in print and online, that looks at Free Software. Note that title case; this magazine is about free software, not open source and so it concentrates not on the usual Linux crowd, but on a wide range of topics that involve or use free software, including the open source alternatives. Among the other topics in Issue 2 are how to create strong, but memorable passwords and how to filter and ultimately block spam.

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